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"Do your utmost, regardless of who stands to gain or lose." 


Join us as a volunteer at DDM. Together, we learn from the Bodhisattvas and their vows to serve others and contribute ourselves. In embarking on a learning journey to develop our wisdom and compassion, we help spread Buddhadharma far and wide. In helping others, we also benefit ourselves.

Volunteers in DDM

Dharma Drum Mountain is a Buddhist society advocating the protection of spiritual environment. In this society, every volunteer is a bodhisattva of myriad practices who helps DDM to achieve its goals. Master Sheng Yen once said, “A person with myriad practices is not necessarily versatile, but rather he would do whatever high or low in level. For those matters in need of help, we’ll do it; for things favored by others, we’ll yield the way.” DDM is currently setting up teams of volunteers in chapters around the world and your participation is the most welcome. Let’s give rise to great compassion and make vows to dedicate ourselves to the service of others, so that we’ll be cultivating the fields of merits and blessings, benefit ourselves and others as well.

Volunteer groups

DDM Volunteers –  Lay Bodhisattvas

The volunteers at Dharma Drum Mountain are known as “ Lay Bodhisattvas” who give themselves in order to help others in their practice. DDM Toronto has a twofold  support system for all volunteers to participate- 1) Functional teams supporting the Centre’s operation and 2) A practitioner-focused program.

The volunteers at DDM Toronto Centres can practice with others by contributing their time and skills in seven functional teams to support the operation and maintenance of the Centre. A description of actives and responsivities of each functional team is provided below.

Under the guidance of DDM Sangha, the volunteers can also  benefit from four categories of practitioner-focused events and programs: namely, Buddha Dharma, Chan Practice, Dharma Assembly, and Other activities. 

1. Reception

  • Greet and welcome visitors

  • Provide activity and event information

  • Receive donation and issue receipts

  • Manage library and bookstore inventory


2. Facility Management 

  • Purchase supplies, clean and maintain the Centre

  • Conduct maintenance routines for utilities and air conditioning system

  • Repair tools and equipment

  • Support event setup and takedown


3. Food Preparation ​ 

  • Prepare food and meals for events


4. Multimedia Promotion 

  • Promote events on websites, Facebook and other platforms

  • Create and edit promotional contents

  • Create and design flyers and posters

  • Take videos during events and provide video editing support


5. Translation 

  • Provide Chinese-English Interpretation during events

  • Provide Chinese-English translation of promotional material​

6. IT 

  • Manage video/audio equipment and network systems

  • Provide IT support to maintain video, audio, and internet connection for both onsite and online activities

7. Treasurer

  • Perform monthly updates to QuickBooks

  • Prepare and send out year-end donation tax receipts

  • File tax returns and submit reports for auditing


8. Meditation 

  • Organize and lead regular meditation activities

  • Provide Chan Hall related supervision and support during retreats and meditation-related  events

  • Assist Sangha or Chan Teacher during retreats and meditation-related events


9. Dharma Service 

  • Organize Dharma assemblies and related actives for Buddhist services and celebrations

  • Conduct Dharma instruments and chanting during Dharma assemblies and services

  • Set up and take down venue decorations and required arrangements for Dharma assemblies and services

  • Provide chanting and caring support for the families of the deceased


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