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- 聖嚴法師


Volunteers in DDM

Dharma Drum Mountain is a Buddhist society advocating the protection of spiritual environment. In this society, every volunteer is a bodhisattva of myriad practices who helps DDM to achieve its goals. Master Sheng Yen once said, “A person with myriad practices is not necessarily versatile, but rather he would do whatever high or low in level. For those matters in need of help, we’ll do it; for things favored by others, we’ll yield the way.” DDM is currently setting up teams of volunteers in chapters around the world and your participation is the most welcome. Let’s give rise to great compassion and make vows to dedicate ourselves to the service of others, so that we’ll be cultivating the fields of merits and blessings, benefit ourselves and others as well.

Volunteer groups

  • Reception:

  • Multimedia

  • Translation

  • Video & Photography

  • IT

  • Kitchen

  • Meditation

  • Dharma Service

  • House Cleaning

  • Event Setup

  • Transportation


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