The Charitable Are Blessed; The Virtuous, Happy.

DDM Toronto Centre would like to thank you for your generosity and support.

Official donation tax receipt will be emailed to donors after year end with total donation amount of the year.

Please provide donor name, email address, and address together with your donation for the preparation of the official donation receipt for tax purposes. Donor records update shall be emailed to to keep your donor records up to date. 

Ways to Donate

1, Online via PayPal ( Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal Account )

    Fill the form below and follow instructions to pay


2, Interac e-Transfer (from a Canadian Bank Account)

A. Create a new Interac e-Transfer Recipient using the following information: 
     a) Recipient Name: DDMBA Ontario
     b) Recipient Email:

B. Transfer fund to DDMBA Ontario.  

C. Provide the following information in field “Message” at time of fund transfer.
    a) Donor Official First Name, 
    b) Donor Official Last Name, 
    c) Donor Email , 
    d) Donor Address,
    e) Payment description for non donation, such as Three Day Retreat Fee

3, Cheque (Personal Cheque issued by a Canadian Bank)

A. Pay To The Order of : DDMBA Ontario 

B. Attach a note with info per 2C above.

C. Mail both Cheque and Note to 
    DDM Toronto Centre
    1025 McNicoll Avenue,

    Scarborough ON

    M1W 3W6

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The Charitable Are Blessed; The Virtuous, Happy.