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Chan Camp Sharing - Poem

by Janusz Kuras

Awakening of 菩提心* 四大** When 菩提心 is not awakened yet 四大 are the cause of suffering Endless manifestations of 四大 Are neither Good nor bad; Neither

Right nor wrong 四大 Takes Endless forms And all of them Are formless They appear and disappear Only because of our Likes and dislikes By the power of 菩提心 This Weekend in Northern Ontario

四大 took the Form of Dharma

Form of Drum

Form of Mountain

and the form of Sangha

When 四大 Takes these forms All is good

And all is 禪*** Chopping wood Carrying water All the way from Costco Sharing blessed food All is 禪 Sharing what is good Straight from the heart Because when 菩提心

Is awakened All is 禪 ... Than we left our cars And we walked On Mars Where ducks meditate

And artificial birds fly And all is 禪 Flame of Dharma In our Heart Kindled bonfire

And made happy sparks To reach the sky And all is 禪 When 菩提心

Is awakened We are all in the 禪state of Mind the autumn Beauty of Northern Ontario. *菩提心 = Bodhi Citta **四大 = Four Great Elements ***禪 = Chan/Zen


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