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Chan and Enlightenment

By Chan Master Sheng Yen

Issue Date 2014/2/1

Chan enlightenment is attained through a sudden encounter; or, it may come about spontaneously after serious and sincere investigation and introspection.

Chan philosophy represents a clear current that is empty yet responsive, detached and magnanimous, open and broad-minded, bright and luminous.

Chan as a way of life is positive and progressive, free and easy, simple and modest, confident and comfortable.

Chan as a way of thinking is to let go of selfishness, self-deceit, self-pity, self-arrogance, and self-confinement, and only then can there be complete boundless freedom.

Chan methods teach people to first practice knowing the self, affirming the self, and then shattering the self, and thus the enlightened state will appear.

—Master Sheng Yen—

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