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The World of Chan

By Chan Master Sheng Yen

Issue Date 2015/1/3

This book is a collection of 29 articles. Most of them are edited transcripts of the lectures by Chan Master Sheng Yen given both in the East and West, and previously published in either Humanity Magazine or Dharma Drum Monthly in Taiwan. This book promotes Chan teachings and practice methods in daily life through in-depth experience and simple, clear introductions. It aims to share the benefits of the Dharma with the public regardless of age, gender, occupation, or education. For regular meditators, this book provides basic sitting meditation techniques. Exceptionally busy people are advised to try and use the Chan cultivation methods in this book to harmonize themselves, and dissolve their attachment to “self.” From relaxing the body and mind for as little as three minutes to attending to body and mind throughout daily life, these methods show the simplicity and practicality of expedient Chan methods.

Hope of Chan master Cheng Yen is that this book enhances the efficacy of Chan to protect our spiritual, living, and natural environments, and to realize Dharma Drum Mountain’s vision of uplifting the character of humanity and building a pure land on Earth.

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